Best Telugu movies About Friendship to Inspire You

When we are brought to this universe, we have every bond in our eyesight already formed according to our relations. The only bond which we describe here on our own is the bond of our friendship. Despite any blood relation between the two personalities, sometimes these people matter equivalent to the world. Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Our qualities define our bond and its strength.

Covid-19 and prevailing conditions forced the government to bring lockdown again. The best way one might suggest you is to explore time by watching fantastic stuff with your friends and exploring the depths you haven’t encountered in your bond. Tamil cinema delivered one such fantastic piece, which is worth watching with your friends. The scenes will fill you with thrill and captivate you with the bond importance these friends display throughout the movie. We are talking about the Tamil blockbuster super over. You can watch new Telugu movies online on Aha OTT.

Super over is directed by Praveen Varma. This story begins with three childhood friends Kaasi, Vaasu, and Madhu (portrayed by Naveen Chandra, Rakendu Mouli, and Chandini Chowdary in the order). They are spending a happy life, but then their life decides to take an unpredictable turn. Due to financial problems, Madhu shifts her interest in cricket betting. Kaasi and Vaasu also fall in the same line; they soon realize that risk belongs after the victory. When they decided to collect the money from a bookie, they got some serious trouble. From here, the thrill begins, and to know the exciting part of the story, stay tuned with Aha.


The roles that are distributed to the respective actors are beautifully accepted and acted. The chemistry between these actors looks so actual and usual, which captivates us. The entire scene shot at night has a significant impact and fits best to the screenplay. The jaw gripping plot holds you still and doesn’t allow you to move from the screen. Super over is a worth watch with friends to embrace the bond that people hold with friends.

You may watch this crime movies online on Aha. This is still a dream for many friends to watch a movie together as this lock ceases them. Go and grab the opportunity on Aha we are bestowed by very few moments in our lives and even lesser to embrace what we have. Super over fulfills the aspects. So grab seats with your friends and go for this thriller ride or you may suggest or dedicate this movie as a strength of your bond. So go and subscribe to Aha now.