House cleaning or maid service logo design ideas

Even a little, part-time Residence Cleaning Company can benefit from having a professional logo design. For more serious players in the residential cleaning and maid service industries a symbol is an essential part of creating a brand. A symbol will help your company to provide a great first impression and seem to be well established and professional. Let us examine some of the most popular Traits which may be discovered among maid service and house cleaning logos. In the next article we also offer ideas about how you can go about obtaining a design which will be highly effective for the promotion of your cleaning company.

Common Images on House Cleaning Logos

Many cleaning companies go for a Logo with a picture or symbol that individuals will automatically relate to the enterprise. It may be sensible to make it clear to people so that they can instantly recognize precisely what sort of business you’re.

Bubbles are very popular and are related to cleanliness and soap, as are symbols of nature such as water, leaves and sunlight. Some designs emphasize the cleaner, occasionally in the standard outfit of a maid. Others include pictures of cleaning gear like dusters, vacuum cleaners and mops. You can also consider including a picture or symbol of a home to highlight the residential character of your company.

Graphics that provide a logo the Look of a sparkle or shine are also well utilized in the cleaning business. The finishing touches can make all the difference to a cleaning emblem.

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Color Selection

Blue are the color of cleanliness and the vast majority of house cleaning companies incorporate various colors of blue together with white inside their logo designs. Stay away from ‘dirty looking’ colors like yellow or brownish.

There is an industry trend towards ‘green’ cleaning solutions and these companies part time house cleaning shades of green over blue to highlight the environmentally friendly nature of the services.

Font Ideas

There are an almost infinite amount of Font selections for logos and a fantastic designer will present a lot of different styles to you. A font can convey a message to potential customers, as your selection of color and images can. The perfect typeface should compliment other elements of your logo concerning style and size and it ought to be reasonably easy to read.


Your logo should really stand out in your area as being unique. A logo that is clean, simple and uncluttered is very likely to be the best and versatile.