The Way To Innovate To Cultivate Your Business

Innovation is key to Taking a company forward, but there are no quick fixes when it comes to finding the most powerful and most commercially viable ideas. A session – outside and brainstorming – is required, regardless of what this project’s size. The starting point could be different, but the identical upfront thinking and team work will be essential on any scale of project, for this to be a success.

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  • Start with a Brainstorm

We find brainstorming is a fantastic kick start to get a creative session, but the hard creative work is done later. There are dozens of techniques and games you can use to create thousands of answers and permutations. Remember it is not quality that you are trying for. The idea is to create an enormous quantity of tips so do not let it get bogged down by detail, which you can filter down. Begin by asking the group to suspend judgment sense, and then record every idea that is suggested.

  • Keep the ideas rolling

When the brainstorming session is finished the work starts. We start with a roll of lining paper and have a thread from the brainstorm session and get started developing it in smaller groups of no more than four people, ideally from different areas. We keep unrolling the newspaper as we develop ideas and solutions, and ideas flow. This is then cut up to fit on one of the numerous magnetic boards we have on the studio walls and the end goal and issues related to attaining it are identified.

  • Making an idea Commercially viable

The toughest aspect of the procedure is taking the ideas generated and making them a commercially viable alternative. For this portion of the process we examine all of the tasks and research we will need to do to make sure it is a feasible idea. Each team member takes possession of particular tasks off the list and it is their duty to resolve them, which may either be done by themselves or in pairs. An important element of the approach is to be certain that every team member knows and understands the big picture, when they are solving their particular tasks. This means they are conscious of the effect that their part might have on another team member and so obviously a dialogue will open between them.

  • Shared spaces

We encourage individual research on the net and make sure we then collate the results. 1 means to do it is to begin a Microsoft One Note page which each and every team member can get. Invite the staff to cut and paste articles and images into One Note when they encounter them online. That you can create boards on Pinterest to collate thoughts and links that the group has seen.

  • And the Outcome

Normally this The one which is the solution that is unique and the easy to use and understand. It will be the one which can be backed up with comprehensive reasoning and study, and the concept that the entire team believes in. It will also be the one that is likely and the most viable to be successful.